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Simplified, Resilient & Uncompromising Hosting

Welcome to BitCozy. A web host provider for creative agencies and e-commerce built to always keep you online. No buts. No excuses. Period.

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BitCozy Hosting. Simple control panel, superior performance

We Make Tough Things Simple

Our premium hosting is made for resilience and simplicity. A streamlined control panel and easy-to-use performance tools provide a superior user and customer experience. Built to endure even in the most catastrophic events, our strong and uncompromising architecture ensures you’re always online when your customers need you most.


BitCozy Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Bitcozy’s intelligent systems are built to manage and deliver best-in-class performance. We sweat the server configurations and maintenance so you don’t have to.

BitCozy Global Architecture

Global Architecture

When performance metrics are measured down to the sub-millisecond, every little thing counts. Our superior architecture is truly distributed to ensure that your site runs at peak performs, all the time.

BitCozy First Class Networks

First Class Networks

At BitCozy, DNS isn’t just a customer convenience, it’s paramout to our performance. That’s why we’ partnered with CloudFlare — making the the internet work the way it should — to leverage precision control over your traffic.

BitCozy Incredible Website Performance

Website Speed

Gotta’ need for speed? Thanks to our custom global architecture and first class networks, BitCozy gives you and your customers super quick load times.

BitCozy Nightly Managed Backups

Continuous Fallback

At BitCozy, we don’t tolerate downtime. If upstream providers and networks fail, you'll always have a live, ready–and–raring backup to keep you online. Your site will always stay standing, no matter what comes your way.

BitCozy 24/7 White Glove Support

24/7 White Glove Support

Support is intrinsic to our nature. While we’ve designed our systems to minimize the need for third–party developer technical support, we’re here 24/7 with our code–to–human translators when you need us most.


Tier 1

  • Completely Managed
  • Fully Redundant Services
  • Shared Highly Available Database
  • Global CDN Included
  • Simple DNS Management
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Tier 2

  • Completely Managed
  • Redundant Services in Multiple Zones
  • Private Highly Available Database
  • Global CDN Included
  • Simple DNS Management
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Tier 3

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  • Custom Tailored Architecture
  • Completely Managed
  • Global CDN Included
  • Simple DNS Management
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BitCozy Hosting FAQs
Can I switch plans later?

Yep! At any time. We make it easy to modify your plan in the My.BitCozy interface.

Do you have any built-in caching?

We utilize CloudFlare’s static content cache. The full list of file types that are cached can be viewed here.

What does “redundant services” mean?

In short, it means there are multiple active systems able to perform the same function. Here, we have at least two application servers handling your website traffic, at least two database servers storing your data, and at least two server file systems holding your files.

Do you offer email accounts?

No. BitCozy is focused on making sure your website stays online and remains blazing fast. We recommend our clients use Google Apps as their email account provider.

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