Host with BitCozy
and forget about it

Because BitCozy virtually eliminates every hosting issue, you'll very likely forget what it was like to constantly worry about downtime.

So, forget about it. Forever. For real.

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You have way, way more to do than worry about hosting issues.

World-Class Performance and Security

BitCozy's global architecture delivers top-notch speed and security for your site.

Focus on Your Business

With BitCozy handling your hosting issues, you're freed up to run your business, build your profits, and stay on the best of terms with your customers.

Downtime? What's Downtime? Here, the word hardly exists.

Expert-Tuned Virtual Private Servers

BitCozy's NVMe SSD virtual private servers are expertly tuned for maximum performance and paired with standby servers that are continuously mirrored in a distant data center.

Asteroid Impact Resistant

In the event of a catastrophic failure, downtime is measured in single-digit minutes, not long hours or days. With BitCozy, you can trust that your website will always be up and running.

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Streamlined access, better support.
It's simple: BitCozy.

Contact us or sign up now.

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Migration made easy.

Many agencies come to us because of a previous hosting disaster. Here's a simple way to avoid that: migrate to BitCozy now.

Migration Concierge

By the time you finish reading about BitCozy here on our site, you could have successfully migrated your entire site to BitCozy. Maybe with time to spare.

Dedicated Account Support

More important than how easy we make it for you to migrate to BitCozy is our promise to do everything we can to keep you very happy that you did.

There's fast. Then very fast. Then BitCozy fast.

Which of those load time speeds would you prefer? Yea, we thought so.

Custom Global Architecture

BitCozy provides lightning-fast hosting by building custom global architecture for your website. Partnering with CloudFlare ensures peak performance for your website.

Your Load Times ARE Our Load Times

At BitCozy, we know that no one wants your load times to be supercharged fast more than you do. No one, that is, except perhaps all of us at BitCozy.

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Support that borders on fanatical.

Yes, BitCozy has the global architecture, the advanced networks, the redundancies, and vast experience... but it's nothing without the team.

Exceptional Technical Support

Our hosting systems require minimal technical support. But, our code-to-human translators are available round the clock to provide support.

Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

At BitCozy, we're committed to providing the best hosting experience for our clients. Our systems require minimal technical support. Our code-to-human translators ensure satisfaction with 24/7 support. Trust us for your hosting needs.

Streamlined access, better support.
It's simple: BitCozy.

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Not bargain-priced, but the thousands you'll save are worth it.

$7.99/month? Less? Beware! Downtime, lost sales, and customer dissatisfaction can cost thousands. Trust us to avoid hidden expenses.

Don't Let Low Prices Fool You

Low-priced hosting leads to downtime, lost sales, and customer dissatisfaction. Trust BitCozy for reliable hosting, hyper-fast speeds, and responsive service at affordable prices.

Trusted by Our Clients

Our clients trust us for reliable hosting, hyper-fast speeds, and responsive service at affordable prices. Experience the difference with BitCozy.

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Why "Shared Hosting" should be really be called "Scared Hosting."

Say No to Shared Hosting Risks

Shared hosting makes you vulnerable to downtime and skimping. BitCozy provides managed hosting on dedicated, fully redundant servers for peace of mind and peak performance.

Managed Hosting for Peace of Mind

BitCozy's managed hosting on dedicated, fully redundant servers delivers peace of mind, peak performance, and unequalled reliability. Say no to shared hosting risks and trust us for the best hosting experience.

Streamlined access, better support. It's simple: BitCozy.

Simplify Your Business with BitCozy

Running a business is complex enough. At BitCozy, we make everything simple. Easily access everything you need and quickly get the 24/7 support you deserve.

Reliable Support, Simplified

BitCozy provides reliable support and simplifies your business. Access everything you need easily and quickly. Trust us to put your needs first.

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Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll pay

YearlyGet 2 Months Free!
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Do It YourselfDone With YouDone For You
Architecture DesignAt BitCozy, we understand that the needs of every client are unique. We start every client relationship with a kick off call introducing our team, a thorough review of your technical needs and codebase, followed by the custom design for infrastructure deployment.$4,997$4,997$4,997
Hosting Provider FeesThe fees for hosting providers differ depending on the platform and architectural requirements of the client. The client is accountable for fees that are based on their usage.variesvariesvaries
Completely Managed
24/7 Support
Global CDN
Redundant Services
Multiple Availability Zones
Private Highly Available Database
Custom Tailored Architecture
Automated Scaling
Git Integrated Deployments
Get StartedGet StartedGet StartedGet StartedGet StartedGet Started


What's the difference between Managed and Supported?

The easiest way to think about it is: who has hands on the keyboard performing the work? If your team is logging in to the accounts and systems to perform the recommended work, that's support. If we're handling everything, that's managed.

Variable hosting provider fees? What can I really expect?

Honestly, it depends on the needs of your organization. Your costs and associated resourcing will vastly differ if you must achieve HIPAA compliance while following NIST SP 800-171 standards versus operating a well-secured website.

What is an Architecture Design?

Great question! This is where we partner with you! To be able to provide you with cost-effective performance today AND a scalable solution for tomorrow, we need to make sure we align our vision with yours. BitCozy will analyze the current state of affairs within your organization and provide a realistic path for implementation taking all known factors into account.

Do you provide on-site training?

Yes! We can accommodate on-site training for your team. Please reach out to discuss arrangements with our support team.

What is included in 24/7 Support?

You may be used to logging into your hosting provider with your hair on fire after your customers have emailed you saying your site is down... then asking your hosting provider to fix it asa(f'in)p.

We do things differently. We design architectures with resiliency and sufficient monitoring density such that the need for manual intervention is exceptionally rare. This allows our team to continue to push the bar higher in terms of performance while reducing provider costs to you.

Our Tier 2 and 3 subscriptions include priority access to our internal tech teams, who will answer your questions within one business day.

Still Have a Question?

Feel free to schedule a call with us! We'd love the opportunity to chat.

About BitCozy

Founded in 2014, BitCozy is on a mission to help businesses break through their earliest technical barriers and achieve greater success more often. Specializing in supporting startups and early-stage organizations, we bring a wealth of experience and a unique approach to the table.